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“Viva l´Italia!” This old and famous saying will never lose its impression and truth. Simply because it always applies!

Eight years ago we moved from Germany to Italy. We always were fascinated from Italy. When we saw the Villa on the hill for the first time, feeling the ambiance and the surroundings, we were enchanted in minutes and bought the villa right away.

Now, eight years later, we are more than ever under a charm of this location and therefore we buy another object on the hill beside. We already warmly welcome the new owners of the villa - our new neighbours!

We sell the villa and you will find a modern luxury villa with a calm, antique flair of Italy. It´s not a beach home, but you will enjoy the enchanting mixture of tradition and modern comfort and fall in love with this unique villa in Umbria. The mansion is located among cypresses and olive groves on a green hill and was constructed between 1400 and 1500. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the Umbrian landscape and the Tiber Valley from your swimmingpool or the medieval tower, which has been built even earlier in the eleventh century. A large park of 5 hectare belongs to the mansion. Here you can find the typical Umbrian nature like olive and lemon trees. Comfortable holiday homes for your guests or your local staff are amongst others also part of the estate. This residence combines high quality furniture and a modern technological equipment with beautiful frescoes, original wooden doors, romantic tesselations and huge walls.

Now, have a good time on your first virtual walk through the villa!